2010/11 Upper Deck The Cup Hobby Hockey Box

5 cards per pack. 1 pack per box.

Each Tin contains (2) Autograph Cards and (1) other Signature, Memorabilia Card, or low-numbered Parallel Card!!

All our boxes are pulled directly from sealed cases!


Loaded with NEW High-End Hits that Will Knock You off Your Skates, complemented by the Array of Excellence that has defined The Cup every Year!


2 Autographed Patch Cards:

- 1 Signed Rookie Patch card!
- Another Signed Patch card, featuring an NHL star or a great rookie in a signed patch insert!
- 1 Signature, Memorabilia or low-#'d parallel!


Autographed Rookie Gear Booklet Cards:

- The Rookie Fight Strap makes its debut alongside pieces of jersey, patch & jersey tag!

Signed Draft Board & Patch Booklet Cards: (Superstars flashing back to their Rookie Years!)

- Paying tribute to game's biggest stars, with a Draft Board/Patch combo you're sure to love!

Scripted Sticks:

- Just like it sounds, signed right on the player's stick!

Dual Autographed Rookie Bookmarks:

- This super-premium folding card features two 1 x 1 patches + 2 Awesome Signatures!

Legendary Dual Cut Signatures:

- If one was a hit, imagine what two will do!


- Regular Card Black Patch Autograph Parallels - all 1-of-1 - now featuring Amazing 1" x 1" laundry tag swatches featuring the Canadian Flag!
- Six (6) Autographed Rookie Patch Cards #'d to 99 - Hello Monster Hits!
- All Base Set parallels now feature 1" x 1" swatches!


(A sampling of) The Cup Staples that make it The Best:

- Limited Logos - Huge Patches, Great Sigs, Exquisite Value!
- Programme of Excellence - Honouring Team Canada's best in the best way possible!
- The popular dual signature cards return too!
- Autographed Draft Boards! - Like only The Cup can deliver!
- Property Of ... Stick Nameplates!
- Dual-sided Autographed 1-of-1 NHL Shield cards - Simply Stunning!
- Also look for Cup Enshrinements, Stanley Cup Signatures & Honorable Numbers!
- Grab the latest Artist Proof Renditions, so you too can own a piece of The Cup!
- Emblems of Endorsements, Single & Dual Scripted Swatches & So Much More!

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