Upcoming Releases from the Upper Deck Company:


Pittsburgh Sports is proud to announce that we are an official Upper Deck Authorized Internet Retailer. With this agreement comes some changes on who we can and cannot sell to:

- We can no longer sell to Canada until the product has been out for a full year
- We can no longer sell to stores/or anyone that re-sells the product by the box until the product has been out 90 days

Thank you for your understanding on this new program

What does buying from and UD Authorized Retailer mean for you, our customer? Buying from Pittsburgh Sports online gives you protection In the unlikely event there is a product issue with your box or case (damages,collations,missing cards, redemptions cards, etc...) Upper Deck Customer Service will be able to assist you with your receipt from Pittsburgh Sports. If you purchase new Upper Deck product online from a non-authorized internet retailer Upper Deck will not be able to assist.




Robert Griffin III Autographed Full Size Helmet Giveaway


Order 2012 UD Foobtball from our website and be entered into the drawing for a full-size Autographed Baylor helmet from this year's most likley #1 or 2 over pick, Robert Griffin III! Winner will be announced 30 days after the product is live!

Click here to preorder a box, or here to preorder a case.

2011/12 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hobby Hockey Box


In Stock Now!

Click here to buy!

5 cards per pack. 24 + 1 Bonus pack per box.

  • (New) Lustrous Rookies (1:288)
  • (New) Championship Rings (1:72)
  • Rookie Gems
  • Triple / Quad Diamonds
  • Ice Premieres RC's (HUGE SELLERS)
  • Hardware Heroes (#'d of 100)
  • Gemography
  • Black Diamond Jerseys

Box Break:
- 6 Double Diamond Veterans
- 3 Triple Diamond Veterans
- 3 Triple Diamond Rookie Gems
- 1 Quadruple Diamond Rookie Gems
- 1 Ruby, Gold or Platinum Parallel
- 2 Black Diamond Jerseys
- 4 Ice Veterans
- 1 Ice Premieres RC (#'db/wn 1999 & 99)


February 7: 2011 SP Authentic Football


Get at least 2 Autographs in every box!

  • 1 Rookie Auto Patch Card per box.
  • 4 2011 SPx Football packs randomly seeded in boxes in every case. The SPx pack will replace one SPA pack when it appears.
  • 1 SP Signature Threads Auto Jersey Card per case.
  • At least three (3) autographs from the following list of players:
    • Cam Newton
    • DeMarco Murray
    • AJ Green
    • Julio Jones
    • Christian Ponder
    • Andy Dalton
    • Jake Locker
    • Aaron Rodgers
    • Steve Young
    • John Elway
    • Dan Marino
    • Drew Brees
    • Troy Aikman
    • Jerry Rice
    • Tony Dorsett

In Stock Now!

Click here to buy!


February 21: 2011 World of Sports

6 cards per pack. 20 Packs per Box. 18 Boxes per Case.

  • Get three (3) Autographs or Memorabilia cards in every box.
    • Dual (# to 20 or less) and Triple (# to 3) signed cards.
  • One (1) SPx Shadow Box Card per case.
    •  Dual, Triple and Quad signed Sports Nation Cards, limited #'d to 25 or less.

In Stock Now!

Click here to buy!

February 21: Obama, GOP rivals get their own trading cards


OK, political junkies. Get ready to start trading cards featuring President Obama and some of the Republicans who want to deny him a second term.

Upper Deck will insert cards from its "World of Politics" set into its sports packs starting Feb. 21. The company says one out of every 40 packs will include a "super rare" card featuring Obama or one of the current, former or would-be Republican presidential candidates such as Mitt Romney.
"We thought it was only fitting to produce a set of cards that would help pay tribute to all the highs and lows of this presidential race by capturing the top candidates on cardboard," said Jason Masherah, Upper Deck's vice president of marketing and business development.
The GOP trading cards include the remaining four presidential contenders (Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum). Plus, three candidates who are long gone from the White House race -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Rep. Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain -- are also now collectibles, as is former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.
Obama has been featured on an Upper Deck card before. His caricature was on the company's 2008 "presidential victor" card.
In Stock Now!
Click here to buy!

2011 Upper Deck Lacrosse Game-Used Sets


In-Stock Now!

Click to order 2011 UD Lacrosse Game-Used Jersey and click here for 2011 Upper Deck Lacrosse Game-Used Jersey Premium

 2011 Upper Deck Lacrosse Game-Used Jersey Factory Set

Content Highlights:

  • Only 50 Cases Produced!
  • Each set contains 18 Game-Used Jersey Cards
  • Each set contains 1 Short Print Jersey Card
  • Each set contains one randomly inserted 1 Premium Series Jersey Card!

Available in both single Factory set or 8 Set cases. Limited quantities available! 

 A. 18 Card Jersey Base Card Checklist

Andrew "Buggs" Combs M-AC Chesapeake
Alex Smith M-AC Chesapeake
Brendan Mundorf M-BM Denver
Brett Queener M-BQ Toronto
Brian Spallina M-BS Long Island
Chris Garrity M-CG Chesapeake
Drew Westervelt M-DW Denver
John Grant Jr. M-JG Toronto
Jesse Schwartzman M-JS Denver
Kyle Dixon M-KD Chesapeake
Kevin Leveille M-KL Chicago
Brodie Merrill M-ME Toronto
Mike Leveille M-ML Chicago
Matt Poskay M-MP Boston
Max Seibald M-MS Denver
Ned Crotty M-NC Chicago
Nicky Polanco M-NP Long Island
Stephen Berger M-SB Long Island

B. One of the following Short Print Jersey Cards per set.

Paul Rabil M-PR Boston
Matt Danowski M-MD Long Island

C. One Premium Series Game-Used Jersey Card from any of the above.


2011 Upper Deck Lacrosse Game-Used Jersey Premium Factory Set

Content Highlights:

  • Only 50 Cases Produced!
  • Each Set contains 20 Premium Series GAme-Used JErsey cards featuring premium swatches of Game-Used Jersey Material

Available in both single Factory set or 4 Set cases. Limited quantities available!

Premium Series Checklist

Andrew "Buggs" Combs M-AC Chesapeake
Alex Smith M-AC Chesapeake
Brendan Mundorf M-BM Denver
Brett Queener M-BQ Toronto
Brian Spallina M-BS Long Island
Chris Garrity M-CG Chesapeake
Drew Westervelt M-DW Denver
John Grant Jr. M-JG Toronto
Jesse Schwartzman M-JS Denver
Kyle Dixon M-KD Chesapeake
Kevin Leveille M-KL Chicago
Matt Danowski M-MD Long Island
Brodie Merrill M-ME Toronto
Mike Leveille M-ML Chicago
Matt Poskay M-MP Boston
Max Seibald M-MS Denver
Ned Crotty M-NC Chicago
Nicky Polanco M-NP Long Island
Paul Rabil M-PR Boston
Stephen Berger M-SB Long Island

 Arriving approximately March 16th.

March 6: 2011/2012 UD Series 2 Hobby Hockey Box


In Stock Now!

Click here to order

8 Cards per Pack. 24 Packs per box.

  • Add to your Young Guns collection!
    • Get the latest to hit the ice, 1 in 4 packs!
  • Look for a plethora of Rookie Updates!
    • Get MVP Rookies, delivering 1 per box.
    • Collect O-Pee-Chee Rookies.
    • Victory RC's adding more great hits to every box.
  • Continue to build the UD Canvas set.
    • Featuring Young Guns (1:48) and Canadian World Jrs. (1-2 per case)
  • Find 1 Rookie Materials AND 1 UD Game Jersey hit per box!
  • Collect Acetate Case Hits!
    • Showcasing Rookie Breakouts (#'d to 100) and Draft Class (#'d to 10)
  • Also look for MVP One-on-One signatures, O-Pee-Chee signatures and O-Pee-Chee Team Canda Signatures!

March : 2012 SP Authentic Golf

  • Find 3 Great Autograph Cards in every box!
    • At least 1 will be a signed Authentic Rookies card!
  • Look for some superb, limited collectibles any golf fan would love!
    • Autograph & Swatch variations of certain regular cards!
    • Autograph & Swatch variations of Rookies, in 2 Tiers!
    • Parade of Stars Autograph variations!
  • Find SP Authentic Signature staples!
    • Including Sign of the Times, Immortal Inks & Marks of Distinction!
  • This is the first wave of new Golf Rookie Cards since 2005!
  • Collect more Golfers debuting on cards with the Rookie Extended Series!
    • The basic insert hits at 1:2.5, netting out to 8 per box!
    • Also find parallels, #’d to just 10!
  • All autographs are hard-signed, except cards with 4 or more golfers!
  • Jump in line with the Parade of Stars subset, delivering 8 per box!

Now Available for Pre Sell!

March: 2011 Upper Deck College Football Legends Hobby Box

11coll fb box web.jpg

5 cards per pack. 20 packs per box.

  • 3 Autographs in every box!
    • Every Autograph is hand-signed.

Includes Immortal names Like:
- Troy Aikman
- Dan Marino
- John Elway
- Drew Brees
- Adrian Peterson
- Barry Sanders
- Paul Hornung
- Hershel Walker
- Gale Sayers
- Todd Marinovich
- Steven Young

Collect an unprecedented 26 different players who have struck the pose as college football's player of the year:
- Archie Griffin
- George Rodgers
- Tim Brown
- Earl Campbell
- Tony Dorsett
- Eddie George
- Cam Newton
- Ron Dayne
- Andre Ware
- Jim Plunkett

Collect bowl game heroes inserts highlighting outstanding performances in bowl games
- Jim McMahon in the 1980 Holiday Bowl
- Cam Newton in the 2011 BCS National Championship Game

Look for unique Inscription Cards with inscribed nicknames or shout outs to a players' alma mater

Collect Decades Best inserts with players dating back to the 1950's!!

Top Inserts:
- Bowl Game Heroes Autographs (# up to 75)
- NCAA All-Americans Autographs (# up to 70)
- Decade's Best Autographs (# up to 80)
- College Inscriptions (# up to 99)

Regular Set:
- Regular Cards (100)


Available for Pre Sale!

Click here to view the complete checklist!


March 20th - Marvel Avengers Assemble


In-stock now. Click here to order!

24 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.

Content Highlights:

  • Every box delivers a hand drawn, one of one sketch card, on average!
  • One Hobby Exclusive Insert in every pack, on average!
  • One Single Mem or Dual Mem card per box! (New)
  • One Printing Plate, Triple Mem or Quad Mem per box!(New)
  • Autographs and/or Ultimate Panel Cards, 2 per case! (New)

Avengers Assemble chronicles all the movies and events that lead up to the Avengers movie and includes your first look at the Avengers movie itself!

Get 7 cards in every pack that features images and scenes form the movie!

Confirmed Autographs:

Confirmed 2012 Upper Deck Avengers Assemble Autographs include Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulders and Kat Dennings, Idris Elba and more. A handful of the cards are on designs from last year's Thor and Captain America designs, presumably because they arrived too late for inclusion.



April: 2011/2012 Fleer Retro Basketball


5 Cards per Pack.

10 Packs per Inner Box.

2 Inner Boxes per Main Box.

6 Main Boxes per Case.

Every box comes with two (2) inner boxes, each containing 10 packs.

  • Get Six (6) autographs in every box.
    • Each 10-pack inner box has three (3) autographs.
    • Collect classic Autographics insert designs from 1996/97, 1997/98, 1998/99, and 1999/2000!
    • Uncover Autograph parallel designs from Fleer 1986/87, 1987/88, 1988/89 and rare Fleer 1961/62
  • Get Four (4) classic Fleer inserts per box (two per inner box) from the following:
    • Precious Metal Gems (Red, Green and ALL NEW Blue versions!)
    • Golden Touch
    • A Cut Above
    • Big Men on Court
    • Competitive Advantage
    • Metal Championship Hardware
    • Intimidation Nation
    • Ultra Court Masters
    • Ultra Stars
    • Flair Showcase
  • Collect Rookie Sensations featuring 2011-12 Rookies on the retro 1990-91 Rookie Sensation design!
    • Look for autographed parallels!

Exciting new news regarding 2011-12 Fleer Retro Basketball!!!

Upper Deck is pleased to announce that they have added the popular Jambalaya insert to this already loaded product! Jambalaya is arguably the most important insert set of the last 20 years, and it will return featuring the same ground-breaking design and feel from its 1997-98 debut. The Michael Jordan cards from the original release consistently sell for over $3,000 each, and even the "common" players from the original set sell for a few hundred dollars each!


UD will have additional surprises in this product as well…..more to come!

Available for Pre Sale!

April 3rd - 2011/2012 SP Game Used Hockey

NHL SPGU box_ud.jpg

Pack Break: (on average) One (1) memorabilia or Autograph Card.

Box Break: (on average) One (1) Memorabilia Card #'d to 100 or less. One (1) Autograph Card #'d to 100 or less. Three (3) Authentic Rookies One (1) Parallel #'d to 100 or less. 

  • 500 Goal Marks (#'d to 25) featuring 11 HHOF Members.
  • Supreme Pads (#'d to 10) massive swatches of leg pads.
  • Authentic Fabrics Gold Letter variations Number & Letter combos for each player.
  • Trophy marks joins the letter marks lineup.
  • Short Printed RC's (10 total) now have autograph parallels (#'d to 50,10 & 1)
  • Career Legacy Returns Duals, Triples & Quads authentic fabrics combos from duals up to eights.

 Available for Pre Sale!

April 10: 2012 Upper Deck Football Hobby


6 Cards per Pack. 20 Packs per Box.

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (All content listed is an average based on the entire production run)

• Shaping up to be the best Rookie QB class in years, 2012 Upper Deck football will deliver all the top Rookies and future superstars!

o Get 2-3 Rookies in every pack!

o Collect the entire 200-card Star Rookie Set

Get three (3) autograph cards per box!

o Rookie Lettermen Signatures - Hard-signed

o Ultimate Collection Rookie Signatures - Hard-signed

o Star Rookie Autographs

o 1993 SP Football Autographs

• ALL NEW! - College Mascot Manufactured Patch cards!

o Collect the complete 60-card mascot patch set with different levels of rarities!

o At least Four (4) per case!

• Star Rookie Stripe cards are back!

o This time, pull a Star Rookie Stripe card and send it in to receive 15 autographed Star Rookie Cards of the player on the card!

• Two (2) Ultimate Collection Rookie Cards #’d to 450 per box!

• Two (2) rare parallels numbered to 10 or less per case!

• Uncover short-printed Star Rookie variations – Two (2) per case!

• Celebrate SP Football with Rookies and retired players featured in the 1993 SP Football design – Six (6) per box!

o Uncover rare autographed parallels

Approximate Release Date: April 10, 2012.

Click here for presales and here for the complete checklist.

April: 2011/12 SP Authentic Hockey


Box Break: (on average)
Three (3) Signature Cards
Of those three:
One (1) Autographed Future Watch RC
Twelve (12) Rookie Extended Series
One (1) Future Watch Rookie Card
Two (2) Rookie Holo F/X cards
Two (2) SP Essentials
Approximate Arrival Date: April 2012 

Available for Pre-Sale!

Late April: 2011/12 Upper Deck SPX Hobby Hockey


4 cards per pack. 18 packs per box + 1 bonus pack

  • One (1) Autographed Rookie Jersey Card
  • One (1) Rookie Jersey or Rookie Materials
  • One (1) Winning Materials Dual-swatch card
  • One (1) Winning Combos Dual-swatch card
  • One (1) Ice Premieres Rookie Card
  • Two (2) Sequentially-numbered inserts

Find Rookie Inscriptions on selected RC Patch parallels -- #'d to 25 & 35, respectively!

Look for Ice Cards! Continuing from Black Diamond, grab the latest Ice Premieres Rookie Cards! Get at least (1) Ice Premieres RC in Every Box

Available for Pre Sale!

May: 2012 Goodwin Champs

  • The 231-card Goodwin Champions set returns to every collector’s delight with beautifully designed vintage themes and all-new ‘outside-the-box’ memorabilia and relics!  Collect your favorite baseball stars from past and present plus champions and phenoms from other realms of sport!
  • Look for any Three (3) of the following inside every box! 
    • Hard-signed autographs
    • Memorabilia cards
    • Animal Kingdom patch cards
    • Printing plates
  • ALL NEW! – Rare, Goodwin Masterpieces Hand Painted 1888 Originals!
    • Collect all fifty original 1888 N162 Goodwin Champions Cards!
  • ALL NEW! – It Came From Space! Relics
    • Includes extraordinary rare pieces of actual meteorites and space debris!
  • ALL NEW! – Museum Collection Relics!
    • Includes an array of actual Civil War items!
  • ALL NEW! – Animal Kingdom patch cards
    • Expand on the popular set by collecting cards AK-101 through AK-200!
  • ALL NEW! – Military Machines – Two (2) per box!
    • 25-card insert set featuring a selection of famous military planes, ships, submarines, tanks, and more!
  • Get Ten (10) Goodwin Champions Minis per box!  Look for rare numbered parallels!
  • Look for the next installment of the eye-popping Entomology Cards featuring all new beautiful butterflies, beetles and bugs!
  • Get One (1) World Traveler 5x7 oversized card per box!


2012 Upper Deck SPx Football


Spx football makes it collegiate debut delivering the highly collectible, valuable and innovative content that card enthusiasts have come to know and love with the brand!

Content highlights

  • Regular Set
    • Regular Cards (50)
    • SPx Rookie Auto Jerseys (35)
      • #'d to 399 or less
    • SPx Rookies (60)
      • #'d to 750
    • SPx Rookie Signatures (60)
      • #'d to 225
  • Top Inserts:
    • Winning Big Materials - #'d to 199
    • SPx Shadow Box
    • SPx Shadow Slots - NEW!
    • SPx Finite Rookies - #'d to 499 or less

Break Summary:(on average)

  • Four(4) Autographs or MEmorabilia cards per box!
  • Includes at least one(1) single, dual, triple, quad or patch Memorabilia card!
  • Two (2) SPx Finite Rookies per box!
  • One (1) SPx Shadow Box card per case!
    • New! Look for SPx Shadow Slot acetate cards falling three (3) per box

Click here to preorder a box, or click here to preorder a case.

June: 2011-12 Ultimate Collection Hockey



  • 4 Cards per Pack
  • 15 Packs per case
  • Arrival Date: June 2012

Product Highlights

  • The Ultimate Combination:
    • One Autograph Card!
    • One Rookie Card!
    • One Memorabilia Card!
    In every pack!
  • Get 1-of-1 NHL Shield Patches!
    • Grab Rookie versions too!
  • (NEW) Find 1997 Legends Autos
    • Popular insert debuts here!
  • More Oversized Swatches!
    • Now including Ultimate Debut Threads Jerseys & Patches
  • Collect Ultimate Rookie Patches!
    • Singles, Duos & Triples!
  • Look for many more Autographed Ultimate Rookie SP's!
    • More than double from last year!
  • Find Rookie Card Patch variations!
    • With 2 levels of numbering!

Pack break: (on average)

  • One (1) Autograph Card
  • One (1) Rookie Card
  • One (1) Memorabilia Card

Case Break: (on average)

  • 4 or more patch cards
  • One (1) Ultimate Autographed Rookie SP
  • One (1) Autographed Memorabilia Card

Click here to preorder a box, or click here to preorder a case.

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