Pre-Sell Information


If prebuying items from us the following rules apply

1: Credit card payment is due in the full amount upon purchase. If you wish to pay by check or money order payment is due within 7 days of purchase or your order will be cancelled.
2: Please purchase your pre-sell items seperately from in stock items. If you do place an order of both pre-sell items and in stock items at the same time we can either seperate the orders, (which will require 2 seperate shipping charges) Or we can hold the in stock items until your pre-sell items arrive in stock and ship your order all at once.
3: The price at which you prebuy an item is the price at which you are locked in at. For example, if you prebuy product X at $90 a box and when it is released it is going for $120 a box you will still only pay the $90 that you prebought the item for. The same holds true if the product goes down in value before the release date.
4: If you have any questions you can call us anytime from 8AM to 5PM eastern time Monday thru Friday at 1-800-752-7995. Thanks, Pittsburgh Sports

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